Our cleaners are selected for there skills and experience in house keeping and cleaning. At Mighty Maid we have our own cleaning guidelines from which we train our cleaners – however more importantly we are guided by what our customers want from our service, each house hold is different and we work to ensure that we clean your home just the way you like it.

Our cleaners only work part time hours and this ensures that our energy if focused on your job. Our service and quality of cleaning is guaranteed and we carry out a monitoring and customer care with our cleaners to ensure we maintain your standard.

When you call Mighty Maid – you will be greeted by an experienced cleaner who will discuss and help you to put a cleaning schedule together just for you. We can give you time saving tips on how to receive a cleaner and tips we have learned from our customers and our cleaners.
You can book any number of hours from a minimum of 2  to 24 hours and select the frequency from everyday, weekly, fortnighty or monthly. (We have a minimum clean of 2 hours weekly or 3 hours fortnighty)

Continuity of cleaners
Usually it is the same cleaner that comes in on a weekly or fortnightly basis however occasionally some changes to the cleaner rota are necessary for us to provide the continuity of service

Mighty Maid interview our cleaners in their own homes and vet and check their references.

Terms and Conditions